# How to set the value of Authorization in the Request Header?

  1. Log in to the merchant dashboard
  2. Find APP at APP Management, and check for detail
  3. Get APP ID & Security Key(Start with Pagsmile_sk_)
  4. contact APP ID & Security Key with ':', get original string: str
  5. Encode str with Base64, then get result: strEncoded
  6. contact 'Basic ' before strEncoded and get result: authStr
  7. put authStr as Authorization's value
  APP ID : '1234567890'
  Security Key : 'Pagsmile_sk_abcdefg'

  str = '1234567890:Pagsmile_sk_abcdefg'
  strEncoded = Base64(str)
  // get result of strEncoded will be -> MTIzNDU2Nzg5MDpQYWdzbWlsZV9za19hYmNkZWZn
  authStr = 'Basic MTIzNDU2Nzg5MDpQYWdzbWlsZV9za19hYmNkZWZn'